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Buddhism and Ecology


  • Bibliography on Buddhism and Ecology — Forum on Religion and Ecology: Buddhism: Research: Bibliography - lots of Macy
  • Buddhism and Ecology: The Interconnection of Dharma and Deeds— Edited by Mary Evelyn Tucker and Duncan Williams. Review by Paul Waldau.
  • Spiritual Ecology, Sacred Places, and Biodiversity Conservation — University of Hawai'i at Manoa Department of Anthropology
  • The Foundations of Ecology in Zen Buddhism, by Ven. Sunyana Graef. Originally published in -- and copyright by -- Religious Education, Vol.85, no.1 (Winter 1990), pp. 42-48.

    One thing bothers me in Graef's presentation: his definition of zazen as "sitting with the mind focused or toally absorbed in one thing." To me this confuses zazen/shikantaza with samatha meditation. (See my description of kinds of meditation.)

    But his description of relating to the world as "our universal self" rings true to me; it's what I experience. I might quibble with him a bit on the need for years of rigorous training before you can really be centered in that perception; I might put a bit more emphasis on yielding to the call of that essential nature. But in the end that's a question of effort vs realization, and as Melanie Klein observes in Meeting the Great Bliss Queen, these are necessary to each other -- two sides of the same coin. Each of us must work out our own balance between them.

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