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Non-monastic traditions

  • Dzogchen, "the great perfection" — teaches that purity of mind is always present and needs only to be recognized.
    • Lama Surya Das' Dzogchen Foundation: "Buddhism for the West." Material on this site is nonsectarian: it values and draws from all the traditions of Buddhism. Still it is general, not technical. For instruction, you need to attend a retreat.
    • In Dzogchen; The Importance of Sem-de in the Aro gTer, Khandro Dechen Tsedrup Rolpa'i Yeshe describes some rather esoteric aspects of the teaching. However some nuggets that I noted with interest were:
      • the idea that karma is "not a mechanistic system of cause and effect but in reality an illusory manifestation of perception and response.... [that is, karma is] the 'form aspect' of pattern that [plays] in relation to the 'emptiness aspect' of chaos...."
      • the statement that Sem-de "provides a means of access to Dzogchen practice which by-passes or skips the stages of [some traditional Tantric trainings.]"
      • "Sem-de is ...comprised of detailed teachings on the nature of Mind and how that is differentiated from dualistic mind. It describes in detail how dualistic mind is affected by practice, with regard to the sem-nyams - the experiences of emptiness an form through which one discovers the instant-presence of rigpa [innate awareness, the true nature of mind]."
    • The Aro Tradition — the home site of the above article. A lineage of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism
  • Kokoro Institute — heart-centered Buddhism, with Ken Daigan O'Neill Kyoshi and Karan Gardner O'Neill. This site gives an important correction to most people's picture of Buddhism in the West.
  • Pure Land Home/Index
  • Shinran and Jodoshinshu
  • Western Pure Land Buddhism

Other interesting traditions

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