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Progress of Thosamling, the First Western Nunnery at Dharamsala

October 13, 2006

It is almost 3 years ago since we started Thosamling and we really run very well as we accomplished the construction, have Tibetan Language classes going on and in March 2007 we start with the Dharma study program which will last for 5 years.

[Now] we are working on a sort of project that women can do retreat here in Thosamling on short en longterm basis and if women want to support us the coming years, because we still need some help for different smaller projects they can pay there retreat in advance. A 3 year retreat is basically 7900 dollars a one year retreat 2700 dollars and a 3 month retreat 780 dollars and a one month retreat 300 dollars. In this way women can support the nunnery by paying now and can come later for retreat the 3 year retreat is valid for a lifetime, the one year retreat for 10 years and the 3 month and one month retreat is valid for 5 year. (The amounts of money is for room and food).The only thing they have to do is buying a ticket and as American citizens can get a 10 year visa for India, it is for them an excellent opportunity.

In this way, if they come later, they have more benefit as the prices for retreats will be very very expensive. And we are happy to get help nowadays as we still have to establish many things. One of the things we have to organize is buying a small piece of land (which money we already have) where we can establish the Tibetan School on, as we found these days that the school/students is interrumpting the retreaters who stay in Thosamling. So we want them a little bit further away. We have many plans but still need a little funding for it and we thought if we can offer this, it will help us and many women who want to do retreatWith love
Ani Tenzin Sangmo

Ani Tenzin Sangmo

last modified 30 November 2006