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Tsultrim Allione

Women of Wisdom:

London, Penguin, 1986.
Stories of the spiritual quests of six historic Tibetan Buddhist women. The introduction presents a background of the spiritual practices of Tibetan Buddhism, a mystical path with much to contribute to our disastrously rational culture. Allione draws useful parallels to Western traditions, especially feminist ones. I'm too grounded in the imagery of Western traditions to do what Allione did, and become a practitioner of this path, but I keep thinking, Oh! we should translate that imagery to Western images....and that practice.... The introduction certainly gives a good groundwork for doing this.
"Relationships & Intimacy as a Path"
Keynote address of the Buddhism in America Conference, Boston, January 1997.
I was not able to attend the conference but have listened to a preview copy of the tape. Allione notes that a Buddhist understanding of Relationship as a path is a new contribution Americans have made to Buddhist understanding. Her description of the path interprets some traditional techniques in a very new light. Her bold re-thinking, while not specifically feminist, sets a good example for adapting tradition.
"Feeding the Demons: Relaxing Dualism"
Audiotape # NMT-276 from New Medicine Tapes.
We demonize parts of ourselves we don't want to admit to, but we lose more than we bargain for in the process. Includes a meditiation.

For more information about Allione see the website of Tara Mandala, the retreat center she founded.

12 June 2001