Diary of Changes to SkyDancer 

When I make changes to SkyDancer that I think might interest you, I'll record them here. That way you can immediately find what's new, without hunting.

(There used to be a service you could subscribe to, which would notify you when this changed; it's no longer available, so come look for yourself now and then.)

30 November 2006 Hmm, I think I've been forgetting to mention here the changes I make. Today I added two pieces of News.
21 July 2006 Added to the bibliography "Women's Liberation," a discussion between Sharon Salzberg, Barbara Rhodes, Judith Simmer-Brown & Pat O'Hara, on what it means to be a woman dharma teacher and how they'd like to see Buddhism in America evolve. From Shambhala Sun, July 2000; moderated by Melvin McLeod, editor.
4 July 2004 Added my reactions to reading Rita M. Gross' Soaring and Settling.
14 March 2004 Added a section to the Bibliography of books that are Not Buddhist but Useful for a feminist in dealing with Buddhism.

Added a section on Anger to the Essays: it now contains the one that was there before on the subject, plus A Skillful Approach to Anger.
16 July 2003 Added Cave in the Snow; Tenzin Palmo's Quest for Enlightenment, by Vickie Mackenzie, to the bibliography.
23 Jan 03 Added to the Essays A Vipassana Success Story and Self as Process.
14 Dec 02 New links on Children's Books on Buddhism.
23 July 02 Added an article to the bibliography: "Tensions in American Buddhism," by CarleBielefeldt, Donald K. Swearer, Wendy Cadge, Jan Nattier, and Charles S. Prebish
23 Apr 02 A Search Engine for SkyDancer!
9 Mar 02 Added a bibliography entry on Ven. Henepola Gunaratana; also a FAQ question on Mindfulness.
1 Jan 02 The bibliography entry on Rita Gross now has an addendum: a review by Judith Johnson, titled Why I am not a Buddhist . Anyone interested in a discussion of this book? Contact me at catherine@loudzen.com.
12 Dec 01 Added several books to the bibliography with the notation that they're ones I'm eager to get, or on my shelf waiting to be read, or that I've read and am trying to get time to write about: Corless, Thubten Chodron, Prebish, Prebish & Tanaka, Seager, Tsomo, Unno. Moved a second bibliography of books for children on Buddhism from the Links section to the Bibliography section
27 Nov 01 Added comments on Sutherland's essay in Being Bodies.
Added essays on Practicing with Pain, Illusions about Pain, and Sunyata.
Added a few more comments to Metta., and to Pema Chodron.
27 Aug 01 Added links to the new Amazenji site.
Added a new section, News, and renamed this section in the navigation menu, from "What's New" to Changes
17 Jul 01 A new section: Tales — new myth, fable, poetry... for learning how to dance on sky.
17 Jun 01 The longer I work on my three sites, the more they converge. When I added the page Plant Nature today, it was difficult choosing whether to put it in SkyDancer or in Catherine's Garden.
12 Jun 01 Repaired the latest occurrence of a mysterious recurring bug; this time it hit the Bilbiography pages for Tsultrim Allione, Joanna Macy, and Ellen Sidor.
9 May 01 The SkyDancer Feminist Buddhist Esangha is renamed The Friends of Yeshey Esangha.
Links added —including a new page on Buddhist Ethics — and all links checked. A new recording by Betsey Rose in Music. More periodicals, interviews with — and an article by — Miranda Shaw, and a Dharma talk by Joko Beck added to the Bibliography.
26 Feb 01 The Feminist Buddhist Email List Sangha is now open to new members again. See the Vision Statement.
18 Nov 00 All links updated; apologies for long neglect. From now on I will be able to keep them current.
12 Jul 00 This list gets changed to reverse chronological order, so you can see the latest change without scrolling down.
7 Jun 00 Add Women's Early Eastern Spirituality to the Links Specific to Women.
5 Jun 00 Many changes in Esangha, including two new pages: New Groups, and Screening.
5 May 00 Add Amazenji and Kuya Minogue to the Links; and Turning Wheel to the Bibliography.
30 Mar 00 Start a Music List
27 Mar 00 Add Badiner to the Bibliography
4 Feb 00 Add several links.
21 Jan 00 Add Steering and Consensus to the Esangha section.
24 Dec 99 Reorganize SkyDancer so you can now bookmark any page.
7 Dec 99 Add Dresser to Bibliography.
10 Nov 99 Fix this page, putting back the box for your email address.
1 Aug 99 On Kuya Minogue's essay on Will (in Essays), there's now a link to the profile of Kuya — with photo — on Julia Milton's site Women Active in Buddhism
1 Jul 99 Finally I manage to talk about Salzburg's Lovingkindness
and add a bit, in the Essays, on the other brahama-viharas besides metta.
25 Jun 99 New FAQ question: feminist movement in Buddhism?
and Link to exposé of the FWBO.
19 Jun 99 I fix Geri Larkin's entry so you can get to it,
and add Sandy Boucher's new book, before I've read it.
29 Apr 99 The FAQ gets its first question.
11 Mar 99 Add this page; also the Esangha section.
20 Feb 99 Add Geri Larkin's Stumbling Toward Enlightenment.
2 Feb 99 Add Natalie Goldberg's Long Quiet Highway.
28 Nov 98 SkyDancer is created, including the Bibliography that previously stood alone.

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