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Electronic Sanghas?
Here are the electronic sanghas that I know of. I'd be interested to hear of any others.

Womens-Sangha: General, not associated with any particular tradition. Light reading, many members, strong support ethic. On Yahoo! so you can receive messages via email, or go read them on the Web.


  • A private mailing list for lesbians who study and practice Buddhism in any tradition. There are no requirements in terms of length of time one has been following the path. Beginners are as welcome as those with experience.
  • Their site offers dharma talks and directions for subscribing.

Ama-Sangha: Created by members of Amazenji when their teacher retired and the Web site closed. Continuing a strong group practice as well as supporting individual practice, focused on Buddhism and earth-based women's sprituality. A cooperative sangha for all womyn; "ama" means "women's compassion."

The UUBF-L: The email list of the Unitarian Universalist Buddhist Fellowship. Some of the members of this group are interested in creating sangha on the list. Often it's mainly a discussion group. For both women and men; you don't have to belong to the Unitarian Universalist Association to join.

Other possibilities?

  • A Google search for "virtual sangha" yielded 273 hits today -- too many for me to go checking right now.
  • Buddhist Studies EResources — Another list of groups I haven't checked out (unless they're mentioned above): scroll down to "Buddhist Interactive Online Resources."

11 December 2004