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Vision Statement of the Friends of Yeshey
Feminist Buddhist Email List Sangha

As a result of responses to this website, a group (no longer active) gathered to form a feminist Buddhist Email-list Sangha. Here's the vision we were working for:

  • A spiritual support group for women practicing a feminist approach to Buddhism.
  • Cooperative (unmoderated), to create equality.
  • A setting for sharing mindfully (not intellectual discussion or chat).
  • Where members have a commitment to...
    • provide a safe forum for sharing personal experience.
    • pay attention to the needs of the group as a community.
    • each take responsibility in building & nurturing the community.
    • group decision-making by consensus
  • Where everyone understands that this is a new kind of group, that we are inventing as we go along — and makes an effort to understand how we can best use the medium. That means paying attention to techniques like...
    • Keeping conversation on the topic of our spiritual work, and how it co-arises with our daily lives.
    • Being concise.
    • Brevity in quoting the message you respond to.
    • Routing one-to-one interactions off list.
    • Keeping the size of the list big enough so we have a satisfying conversation going, and small enough that we can give good attention to each posting.
  • Where we understand the value of making an effort to contribute.
    • When you think you don't have anything worth saying may be the time you can benefit the most from paying attention to what you're thinking, and finding a way to express it.
    • Contributing regularly helps everyone keep in touch. This is particularly important in electronic communication since it provides so little of the input we are used to using for human contact.
  • Perhaps most important, where we strive to express ourselves with compassion, respect, and mindfulness—"Right Speech." That means...
    • Dealing with differences without being critical, and without projecting; refraining from analyzing, criticizing or advising each other.
    • Speaking from your own experience.
      • Instead of prescribing how people should think or act, talk about what works for you and what doesn't, what has been helpful for you, or harmful.
      • If you quote an authority, quote accurately, cite enough details for others to look it up, and comment on why you relate to the quotation.

Although this group is no longer actiave, a new esangha has formed at Amazenji, the Feminist Zen Center. For information contact Kuya Minogue at

In addition, there is also a public group for general discussion; see this description.

9 May 2001